About my surgeon

Dr. Jordan Klebanoff.

This is my surgeon, Dr. Jordan Klebanoff, who gave me my life back. If you live in the Philadelphia area I would highly encourage you to see him. He is an excellent surgeon and an avid advocate for women’s pelvic health. He is employed with Main Line Health which is an academic center outside of the city of Philadelphia.

Dr. Jordan Klebanoff is a fellowship-trained minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon specializing in robotic surgery. He tailors treatment plans to each patient, employing minimally invasive surgery whenever possible and medical management as appropriate. Dr. Klebanoff is highly adept in performing laparoscopic gynecologic operations in patients who are morbidly obese or have distorted anatomy due to adhesions, fibrosis, or extensive surgical histories. He is an active clinical researcher in the field of Gynecologic surgery.