Health and Wellness

On this page, there will be plethora of resources to help support you on your health and wellness journey when also battling chronic illness. These are only suggestions on what has worked for me. This does not mean it will work for you but I am hoping to broaden your horizon on different ideas to support your health and wellness.

These are the top accounts I support and follow on Instagram that have positively benefited me both mentally and physically. They all have webpages as well. These accounts give me joy and I have met most of them in person a few times. They are all genuine, down to earth, just solid humans.

My Training Coach


Taylor has changed my whole dynamic/mindset on working out. I used to think that I could only“look good” or “lose weight” if I did crazy HIIT workouts or long runs. I have been working with her since March 2021. Despite battling endometriosis and my autoimmune disease, I am more confident in my body and continue to gain strength every single week. I have rough days or even weeks due to my chronic illness’ but I have learned to listen to my body and accept/honor for whatever it brings on any given day. Taylor has taught me to slow down and honor my body, show up anyway, and keep it consistent. I am forever grateful to her for her dedication to my health.

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Morgan-Formally Bunundone

I found Morgan a few years ago as she is all things Self Care. I never really practiced or even understood the true meaning of Self Care until I started to get involved in her community that she created called Self Care Society. Everyone is warm and welcoming in this community. We practice and share all things Self Care. Morgan is an abundance of joy. She is motivating and truly inspires you to love your full true self. Check out the self care society on her webpage.

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Meghan-Fueled By This

Meghan is all things Nutrition/Fuel. She has shifted my mindset to a more positive approach when it comes to nutrition/fuel in so many countless ways. I have an overall healthier approach to food both mentally and physically. I am enjoying food without feeling guilty and picking food options that appropriately fuel my body for what I need based on the day. She tailors to your needs as she recognizes there is not a “one idea fits all approach” for nutrition. She offers a wealth of free resources/tips frequently on her various social media platforms. She has free guides related to mindful eating, protein and how to eat while traveling on her webpage. She has courses you can take to include enduring which allows you to do it on your own time, versus 1:1 coaching options.

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Hannah Eden

I first found Hannah on Instagram in 2017. She helped me get back into exercising formally 5-6 days a week. Prior to this I was working out leisurely with running mostly however with my endometriosis pain I was not able to run as often as I would like. She offers a variety of workouts suitable for all levels of fitness. I went to her retreat in Costa Rica in 2019 and this experience gave me life. Everyone is welcoming and I have made friendships through Hannah that will likely last a lifetime. Hannah’s energy and outlook on life are just plain dope and exceptional.

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This is a list of other top Instagram Accounts I follow for nutrition, positive influence/mindset, and overall healthy well being:

Supplements I Use Currently:

Sunwarrior protein powder
Thorne Supplements: Zinc, Vitamin D, Tumeric
Pure Encapsulations Brand: Magnesium
Garden of Life: Probiotic Women’s Brand
All Winged Wellness products. My favorite is Sleepyhead.

Podcasts I am listening too:

On Purpose with Jay Shetty
The Mindbodygreen podcast-Jason Wachob
Freckled Foodie and Friends-Cameron Rogers
Lara Briden Podcast
Alicast-Ali Bonar
Life Rewired-Zach Turnure and Kristina Kovacs
Get Peeled-Hannah Eden

My Wellness Practices:

Meditation 2 times a week for one hour

Strength training 3-4 days a week

I Journal daily
website :
I am currently using the 365 daily Hardcover Edition

Stretch/Mobility sessions 1-2 times a week

Long walks aiming for 1-2 a week